There is no doubt about it – the students from our school stand out from the crowd!

Our school provides an environment where teenagers can learn the value of hard work, integrity, self-motivation, and self-discipline. Our teen students learn self-respect, respect for others, and how to interact as a team. As they enter young adulthood, our students are confident and prepared for the adult world because of their karate training!

We say no to bullies!

Our teen students are exceptionally equipped to handle the ongoing issue of bullying. Karate training teaches how to act when confronted with a bully and how to end the conflict in a peaceful manner. Our teens know how to defend themselves, but rely on their physical skills only as a last resort.

Teens love our workouts!

And you’ll love how much energy they burn! Our students leave each class feeling more focused and fit. Karate training is a great way for teenagers to learn to focus their energy on their goals while getting a great workout.

How do we do it?  Exceptional teaching and exciting classes!

Our teachers are experts at communicating with teenagers. Ours is a team-based system. Hundreds of teens in our community love the martial arts at Allan Azoff's Martial Arts Academy, your son or daughter will too!