Allan Azoff

Sensei – Kyoshi, Nana Dan

Allan Azoff began his study of Uechi Ryu in 1978 at the Mattson Academy of Karate in Boston. He currently holds the rank of Kyoshi, Nanadan (Master 7th degree Black Belt). Although he began teaching after receiving his 1st degree black belt in 1983, his professional martial arts career began in 1995 with the opening of his school in Lexington. “It’s great when your passion and your profession are one in the same. I enjoy teaching every day”. Mr. Azoff continues his study of Uechi Ryu with Sensei Buzz Durkin, headmaster of the Uechi Ryu Butokukai in Atkinson, NH.

Over the years, Mr. Azoff has participated in many Uechi Ryu and Open competitions. He has also coordinated and run numerous martial art events including the Uechi World Championship, the All Okinawan Karate Championships, the New England Open Junior Karate Championships, Uechi Fest, numerous Black Belt tests, and many others.

A father of two, Mr. Azoff lives in Lexington.

Jennifer Patashnick

Instructor – Go Dan

Jen is our senior student. She is a serious martial artist who has been studying Uechi-Ryu since 1996. She received her Go Dan (5th degree Black Belt) in May 2011. Jen has also studied Hung Gar Kung Fu and Kali/Arnis. She is a talented student and a gifted teacher.

A graduate of Brandeis University in Waltham, Jen has diverse interests. She worked at Children’s Hospital Boston for ten years, and, in 2006, co-founded a consulting company to advise researchers on the use of qualitative data analysis software packages. Additionally, she is the workshop coordinator for Diaper Lab in Cambridge, and leads multiple workshops each month teaching expectant parents about modern cloth diapers.

Currently, Jen is enjoying her young family. Her son, Orion, born in October 2008, is looking forward to beginning his study of Uechi-Ryu. Daughter Alexandra, born at home in September 2012, has fun being carried on Jen’s back during kata practice!

Nathalia Azoff

Instructor – Yon Dan

Nathalia has been studying Uechi- Ryu since 1996 and received her Yon Dan (4th degree Black Belt) in May 2009. She is also an avid Brasilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner who trains and competes internationally. She is an intense martial artist and a warm, patient teacher.

Nathalia has traveled extensively all over the world for pleasure, to train and compete in the martial arts, and for work.

She earned her degree in Economics and Finance from Bentley College in Waltham, and her MBA from Suffolk University. She is fluent in 3 languages.

Matt Paulson

Instructor – Yon Dan

Matt is a twenty-five year Lexington resident along with his wife, Jane. A software executive and entrepreneur, Matt has been a founding partner in two successful enterprises and is now with Opera Solutions, a leader in the field of data analytics. He has been studying Uechi-Ryu since 2000 and received his Yon Dan (4th degree Black Belt) in May 2012. His two college-aged sons, Noah and Jacob, have been studying Uechi-Ryu since the age of five and hold the ranks of 4th and 3rd degree, respectively.

In addition to Matt’s commitment to his study of karate, he is an avid photographer, cook and gardener.

Stephen DeFronzo

Instructor – San Dan

Steve began his study of Uechi-Ryu Karate at the Mattson Academy in Boston in 1974. He has been studying at the Azoff Academy since 2002 and received his San Dan ranking (3rd Degree Black Belt) in 2012. He also has training in Boxing and Tae Kwan do. He enjoys helping students at all levels learn “The Way of Karate” to assist in maximizing their potential.

He has Bachelor degrees from Boston College (Biology) and Northeastern University (Engineering) and an MBA from Bentley College. He is a Senior Project Manager working in the Access Control and IT Security industry.

Steve resides in Sudbury, MA with his wife, four children and two Springer Spaniels. His youngest son Chandler is currently a Ni Dan (2nd Degree Black Belt) at the Azoff Academy.

When not at the Dojo Steve enjoys riding his motorcycle, visiting Museums and collecting and reading books on art and science.

Liz Levy

Instructor – Go Dan

Elizabeth (Liz) Levy began her study of Uechi-Ryu in June 1997 with Nancy Gavenda and joined Allan Azoff’s dojo in 2002. She has now achieved the rank of Godan (5th degree Black Belt) in March 2013. She is a yoga practitioner and has a performing arts background both as a classical violinist and a tap dancer. She has taught a mixed-rank Uechi Ryu class since 2011 and enjoys the challenges and rewards of teaching, learning and practicing her craft. Trained in both engineering and law, she is an attorney for a global healthcare company and is active in the legal, professional and charitable communities.