The STAR program is a character education program designed to help our children learn those values that we all believe in. STAR is an acronym for “Success Through Accepting Responsibility.” It also stands for “STOP, THINK, ACT and REVIEW.” In order for your children to work on these ideas and to earn their monthly star, they must be consistent in the following 5 areas:

1. Responsible behavior at home.

2. Responsible behavior and good grades in school.

3. Responsible behavior and regular attendance at the dojo.

4. Completion of the Activity of the Month.

5. Passing the completed form in on time (signed by a parent).

This program is a great educational tool for you as a parent. Please make sure that your child takes on the responsibility and gives you the monthly STAR form. Then they must follow the 5 requirements to YOUR satisfaction for the ENTIRE MONTH. (Of course, since all of our children are individuals and everything is relative, it is up to your discretion as to how strict or tolerant you should be). In that way, the program has some meaning. There are negative consequences if they do not act responsibly and positive consequences if they are responsible. Most of the monthly themes instruct the student to “discuss this theme with your families”. Again, this is a great teaching and communication opportunity for you as a parent, to help your child to succeed in the program. Finally, the student is responsible for doing the activity of the month on the back of the form. If we work together, I am sure that the time invested by your family in the STAR program will benefit us all for a lifetime.