Our adult classes are guaranteed to give you a great workout, teach you practical movements of self defense, and help you to de-stress. When you enter the Dojo (the place where we teach the way of Uechi Ryu karate) you learn to leave the outside world behind. You will come in and train with other wonderful students. You will practice a great traditional style of karate that will help you develop your stamina, strength, flexibility and coordination. Just as importantly, you will learn how to be "In The Moment" which will challenge you mentally, but help you to develop a clear mind so you'll feel relaxed and refreshed (and a bit sweaty) after every class. These classes will become the highlight of your week!

The Dojo becomes a very special place when you study karate. You'll train alongside your fellow students who will be Doctors, Office Workers, Professors, Students, Attorneys, Business People, Mothers and Fathers, women and men from all walks of life. You'll really enjoy the camaraderie and develop lasting friendships with these fellow students that can last a lifetime. Everyone in the Dojo is working towards a goal that is both personal to you as an individual, and common to the class as a whole. There is no other experience like it.

Contact us now to set up your orientation class so you can begin to enjoy the many benefits of studying Uechi Ryu Karate.